Board of Directors

School Board Core Beliefs: 

As a school board, we believe we must maintain oversight to ensure that the administration and other stakeholders value the following beliefs.

  • Schools are most effective when students are actively engaged in the learning process and set learning goals.
  • Schools are most effective when they provide an equal opportunity to learn through the incorporation of a variety of learning activities.
  • School board members, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for helping students learn and maintaining mutual respect.
  • Schools are most effective when our staff maintains high expectations for learning.
  • Schools are most effective when students link new information with existing knowledge in meaningful ways.


To provide students at CCAE & Michigan Collegiate Schools with the best possible education while promoting fiscal responsibility to the administration, the staff, and the students.


CCAE will be recognized as an exemplary public school academy. This will be evidenced by the performance of our elementary, middle, and high schools as follows:

  • CCAE Board of Directors will be the standard by which other charter school boards are measured.
  • CCAE Board of Directors will foster strong community partnerships.
  • CCAE will meet or exceed state regulations including AYP.
  • CCAE 11th graders will achieve an average ACT score of 19.
  • CCAE will obtain 99% graduation rate from High Sschool.
  • CCAE will provide hardware and software that is not older than 5 years old.
  • CCAE scores will be greater or equal to the state and/or residing school district for all schools.